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Due by Sunday, March 8th, 11:59pm

In this segment, we've discussed various challenges in finding and sorting information within a digital context. This assignment asks you to demonstrate an understanding of these problems, such as filter bubbles and potentially-biased algorithms, as well as the best strategies for overcoming them by designing a paper prototype of a game. 


Develop a game prototype that represents the messiness of research in the real world. Reflect on your own experiences, habits, and techniques while considering the issues we’ve discussed in class. Think back to Noble’s “Algorithms of Oppression” and the ways Google continually updates the ways in which you receive results. Consider how “Equality Street” uses a simple system to represent a much more complex one.

Consider the following as you decide how your game will take shape. Think about the games that you’ve played:

  • What sort of existing structures might lend themselves to this activity? Is your game going to be digital or analog?

  • How many players is the experience for? Is it competitive or cooperative?

  • What does the space look like? If it’s digital, what perspective is it from?

  • What is/are the objective(s)?

  • Is there a narrative?

  • What sorts of challenges can represent the obstacles we face while searching?

  • What constitutes “winning” and “failing”?


Describe the game to me in detail – this might include sketching the space of the game (levels or the play space, for instance), or detailing the moves that the player can make. Think of the prototype as the “storyboard” of a film – it’s a rough visualization of what will occur in the movie to give everyone a singular idea of that the film will be.


Remember this: there aren’t wrong answers here. First and foremost, I want you to engage with the concepts we’ve discussed over the past few weeks. You can still do very well on this assignment with a less than "good" game. 


Your prototype will be accompanied by a brief, written justification. Essentially, I want you to tell me how the game represents the processes of research. Be sure to incorporate references to course materials and your own searching experiences. 


  • Prototype of a game about searching for information online

  • 500 word Justification

Time Commitment: ~7 hours

(Optional) Extra Labor Toward 'A' Contract:

For an expanded version of this assignment, I'll ask that you fully develop a playable version of your game. It should include all materials needed to play with fully developed, written rules. Finally, you will be asked to demonstrate the game to the class.

Additional Time Commitment: ~3.5 hours

Deliverables: Game Prototype, Reflection Essay, Labor Log

Evaluation Rubric
Project 2: Gaming the Search Bar: Tests & Assignments
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